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Worker Testimonials

Retail workers throughout New York City need living wage jobs with benefits. Click on their picture to understand more about why all New Yorkers need to earn a living wage.

The EDC's Living Wage Study is Unfair

Former employee of the Scoop NYC retail chain, Romeo Ilboudou, says that the NYC Economic Development Corporation's choice of using a biased firm is unfair to him and to all of the workers in New York City. For more information, read "Living Wage Study: A Stalling Tactic."

A living wage is important for me and for my family

Former Bronx Gateway Mall retail worker Michael Valdez says that workers like himself, his family and other Bronx residents NEED a living wage in order to survive.


Why do you and all New Yorkers deserve a living wage?

Former Shoe Mania worker Med Dalhatu says that he, his family, and everyone else in New York City would be able to afford the basic necessities in life and live their dreams if they made a living wage.


Is it hard to survive off a minimum wage in New York City?

Supermarket cashier Nadia Yakubova says she and her parents are struggling to survive off a minimum wage. If she made at least $10 an hour with benefits, Nadia would be able to help her family pay the bills.


How would earning a living wage improve your life?

Community activist and former adjunct teacher Adán Stevens-Díaz says that the market should not determine people’s value. Instead, people should be able to earn what they deserve and what they can survive off of.


Isn't $10 an hour simply too much to ask?

Tenecia Marbury has worked in retail for years and she is frustrated with how unfair it is that she and people like her are constantly struggling to survive. She says it is about time for a coalition like Living Wage NYC to exist.


Wouldn't businesses lose money if they paid their workers a living wage?

Laid-off retail worker Leah Danger says that although businesses claim otherwise, they usually can say afford to pay their employees a living wage, and passing the Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act would make that possible.


Who should benefit from public money?

Chris Nicolau has worked numerous low-wage jobs throughout the past decade in New York. His experience has taught him that when developers receive public money they should be responsible for giving something back to the public.


Why is it important for everyone to earn a living wage?

Supermarket cashier Morenike Dagbo says that a earning a living wage of $10 an hour with benefits would be a drastic improvement for her and the people she works with.