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Virginia: UVA Living Wage Campaign Lies Down to Stand Up for Higher Pay
NBC 29

November 10, 2011
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The University of Virginia's Living Wage Campaign has a few words for the board of visitors. They want the board to recognize and approve higher wages for the university's lowest paid employees.

The group - composed of students, employees, and Charlottesville citizens - is making their presence known in hopes of raising awareness for the UVA staff they say are struggling.

The group has been working for more than three years to educate the university community about its lowest paid workers. That's why the group took to grounds Thursday, or on the ground of grounds, to show they won't stand for continued wage disparities.

The campaign wants to create an open dialogue to encourage UVA to institute a living wage for university workers. They say that amount is a minimum of about $12 an hour.

"We recognize that they are a board of visitors, they don't live in Charlottesville. We think that in many ways they don't see the impact that UVA's underpaid workforce has on the community," said Hunter Link with the UVA Living Wage Campaign.

The campaign has staged similar demonstrations before. Several hundred people marched on the rotunda during last year's board of visitors meetings.

The group sent an open letter to the board of visitors last week. It calls on UVA President Teresa Sullivan to follow through on her previous commitment to improve wages. It also encourages the board to think more critically about the issue.

The campaign staged Thursday's protests after receiving no response.