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Iowa: All lazy slackers should get health care, retirement and a living wage
News Sentinel
Terry Doran

October 21, 2011
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Rep. Steve King says unemployment insurance created “a nation of slackers.”

King, R-Iowa, is right. This is a great benefit of unemployment insurance. He probably didn't mean it that way, since he considers Americans out of work a menace to society, but I'm odd.

A teacher, after hearing my presentation in his school, said I have “odd views.” Yes, that's because I hate the rich and have no problem with the slackers. They don't hurt me. They don't hurt you either. They don't go to foreign lands and kill innocent people in the name of freedom. They're too lazy.

They don't make policies that destroy the natural beauty in our lives, pollute the atmosphere, foul the water and poison our food. They aren't ambitious enough.

They don't sit around and dream up ways to cheat you out of your own home and hard-earned retirement plans by creating bogus papers and fraudulent records. They don't care enough.

They aren't running around trying to be elected to Congress and be president so they can reward crooked bankers, loan sharks, rotten CEOs, outsource jobs and get rich themselves. They aren't voting for wars that benefit no one but King and his rich friends. That would take way too much effort.

Slackers are not the reason the 400 richest Americans have more money than the bottom 180 million. The 400 are the reason 25 million Americans are without jobs, 50 million without health insurance, 100 million in poverty. Slackers have no problem with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps or any of the other programs that help average Americans.

The slackers are content to just live and let live. They don't want to steal from others. They just want enough to get by.

Actually, it turns out I'm not alone in my views. One of America's most celebrated and famous authors, Sherwood Anderson, who wrote the classic, “Winesburg, Ohio,” called for a different kind of American, who “at any physical cost to themselves and others (will) agree to quit working, to loaf, to refuse to be hurried or try to get on in the world.”

Not only should these people receive unemployment benefits, they should receive a living-wage check from their government just for being Americans. Like in Australia, where the dole, their version of welfare but with far less stigma and red tape, generated a few years ago a heated political debate when a King type said, “Give them the dole and they'll just go surfing.” And his opponent famously said, “Let them surf.”

That's my attitude. Let them surf. I'd far rather give my taxes to support slackers than the rich who take, steal and give nothing back. What King wants is for the “slacker” to go work a job paying minimum wage and still be living in poverty. Minimum wage is not a living wage.

I'm sure King and his partners in crime — aka Congress — would be happy to arrange to get rid of the minimum wage. Even that pittance is too much for them. After all, they're the ones who made it legal to take our taxes against our will and give them to their criminal banker friends who turn around and use our money to pay themselves gigantic, obscene bonuses and figure out ways to cheat you out of your home and put you deep in debt.

We should, slackers and non-slackers, every American, get that money back. But we don't.

But there's no doubt King is an expert when it comes to slackers. He's one himself. He doesn't work at all from October to January and overall barely works more than half the time in a year. And votes himself a raise, health care and retirement for life when he quits. All at our expense.

He rails about others getting handouts when he receives them himself. He's pretty much describing himself when he says unemployment insurance is “welfare for people that won't work.” What little work he does do is to make policies that make it impossible to find work.

So, slackers unite. All slackers should get what King gets: health care, retirement, a living wage.

When can I expect my first check?