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Heard Around Town: Oct. 18, 2011
City Hall News

October 18, 2011
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* Following Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s announcement yesterday that a new hearing would be held on the living wage bill in November, proponents started plotting their strategy and talking points. Dan Morris, a spokesman for the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, said supporters would focus their arguments on the bill’s popularity in polling; on undercutting a city-backed study on the effects of the bill, which proponents will say is now irrelevant in part because bill has since been heavily amended; and on the alleged failure of the Bloomberg administration’s anti-poverty strategies. Morris also took a shot at the business community, saying that the bill’s backers had repeatedly showed that they were willing to compromise, while opponents have been unwilling to budge. “We’ve been the adults in the room all along, showing that we’re flexible and very willing to compromise, while opponents of the bill keep whining and crying like spoiled children,” Morris said.