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Vancouver: The Debate over 'Living Wages' Continues
The Vancouver Sun
Anna Pokora Harrison

October 17, 2011
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I was angered by reading your article in The Vancouver Sun. At first I thought I would not reply to you but then thought I would be doing you a favour. Your scope and understanding of these issues is simplistic. Clearly business as usual is not the answer. The regional and global mess we find ourselves in is the result of a system of governance that no longer works. Power, corruption and profit are the orders of the day. Though I am not one of the activists you call BANANA. I am an immigrant who arrived in North America with $50 in my pocket 20 years ago and spoke very little English at the time. I am also not a lowwage earner even though I was for a very short time when I first arrived. I have seen a lot of what I call 'a real life'.

I assume you have not. I want to reassure you that none of my jobs that let me earn a 'living wage' depended on Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, offshore oil and gas drilling kind of economic activity or charitable giving by these kind of corporations.

Using your technique, I repeat 10 times: wake up Mr. Mihlar; wake up and do some good; wake up and be real to yourself and others; wake up and see the other side of the story. Wake up and try, try hard to see the consequences of your thoughts and outcome of these actions for our future.